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There is an abundance of activities within close range of our accommodation. Visit the various links listed below to view the activities on offer, including the Connemara Championship Golf Links in Clifden.

Sea Angling
Scuba Diving
Hill Walking/Hiking
Sea Cruising
Connemara National Park



The nearest proper off-road trail is in the Derroura close to Oughterard on the N59 to Galway but it is a good 40 minute drive.

The many peninsulas and B roads of Connemara are ideal for cycling, the Connemara loop makes a great shorter spin or you can head towards Clifden via the Sky road, a tough climb but fabulous views and a very welcome downhill spin into town from the viewing point. The Bog road to Roundstone is a lovely quiet, undulating road and you can take the Coast road back via Ballyconeely.

For more distance the louisburgh route to Westport is one of the most scenic roads in the country but to do a loop would mean spending 40/50km on the N59 which can be busy in the Summer months. Because of the options to both sides of the House it is almost always possible to plan a route that will take you out into the wind with a nice tailwind for the return journey.

Road and Mountain Bike hire is available upon request with bikes being delivered straight to the door. 



For those looking for longer distance, open water swimming, Ballinakill Bay, just below the House is a great spot. The best starting point is the harbour which can be seen from the front door.

The Bay is very sheltered with a very narrow exit so rarely gets too rough. A good point to head for from the harbour is the headland as the bay narrows or a little further on there is a small island with masses of birdlife (They can be very raucous if you approach during nesting Season).

As the bay narrows the tide can be almost equivalent to a slow moving river so be mindful of conditions before heading to the island. At worst you can swim parallel to the shore, which is never too far away and walk back to the wider section. My favourite thing about the bay is that due to being quite shallow, having lots of mud and seaweed, it is always a few degrees warmer than the outer beaches at Renvyle.

It is not the cleanest or most pretty swim, with mud, seaweed and old scallop and oyster farming cages in spots. It can get quite murky after heavy rain from the 2 rivers that flow into it, but on a calm evening with a high tide, surrounded by The National Park, Coilte forestry and the Dawros peninsula, I think it’s absolutely magical. If you are looking for crystal clear water, nice sandy bottom where you can swim in shallow water, parallel to the shore, White Strand or Glassilaun are perfect and are just a 10 or 20 minute spin away.

Tide – As above check the tide before you enter the water and plan your route to see if it will help or hinder, particularly on the way back. Also the bay more or less empties at low tide, so is not suitable then.



Doonloughan, a right turn down a narrow road between Ballyconneely and the Connemara Golf Links is the area’s most reliable and well known surf spot.

There are a couple of breaks that are, as ever subject to tide, swell and wind conditions. The U-shaped bay which has a funnelling effect on the waves is generally best and biggest but also has the worst under-tow and rips, so novices & chidren be careful.

It is best avoided on weekends in the Summer as it can get very crowded with Families etc, although a big swell will deter all but the more committed. There are also great walks along the various inlets. Dunes – To get to the U-shaped bay, you need to cross the dunes, there are regular tracks but they can be deep and rough in spots, so take care and keep your eyes open for big potholes or ruts.

There are other less known spots that are more subject to conditions that shall not be listed here, the more experienced can inquire on-site with Mark.